What is WebTerritory?

WebTerritory is like a virtual realtor/property manager of the internet that provides website services such as domain names (web addresses), manages hosting (web sites), also CMS installation and configuration (web site setup), additionally, we provide consulting and support (guide and help you with anything about your site).

What is a Web Host?

PresentationThink of web hosts like commercial property owners/landlords leasing virtual real estate on the internet. You want a prime location (your web address). With enough room (your webspace). That can handle the traffic (the bandwidth).

In keeping with the physical world analogy; You can get web hosting that’s more like an empty lot/space waiting for you to develop (for the do-it-yourself types) with/without utilities hook up (PHP and MySQL). All the way to having your own building (the Content Management System ex: WordPress) with all the furnishings/equipment (Add-ons/Plugins).

Also still using the physical world analogy WebTerritory also provides property management (website services) by performing maintenance (doing updates), security (firewall and SSL), and the handyman stuff (install plugins/add-ons).

Sounds good, where do I start?

First StepIf still not sure what’s right for you or your business go visit our about domain names page or our about web hosting page. After visiting these pages and still need more information contact us.

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