What is WebTerritory?

WebTerritory is like a realtor/property manager, however, instead of dealing with actual physical commercial properties, we handle virtual properties A.K.A. websites. If you are absolutely new to this, then read on, If you already know what this is all about then skip ahead to get started.

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Throughout this site, we are going to use physical world analogies to help you get an idea of what most of the ‘buzz’ words you are going to encounter are all about when setting up and maintaining a website.

Domain Name?

Presentation Before you even start thinking of a website, you are going to need a domain name or better known as a web address (nerd term: URL). It’s basically your unique business name that people are going to use to find you, something like an entry in a global phonebook. Because this ‘phone book’ is global, you are going to have to come up with something rather unique, short, and still easy to remember. The problem is that it is likely that someone else on this planet has already taken that awesome unique, short, and still easy to remember name.

Don’t despair, WebTerritory has some tools to help you get that great name on the internet for you. Ready to get started on a domain?

Web Host?

Presentation Think of web hosts like commercial property owners/landlords leasing virtual real estate on the internet. You want a prime location (your web address). With enough room (your webspace). That can handle the traffic (the bandwidth).

In keeping with the physical world analogy; You can get web hosting that’s more like an empty lot/space waiting for you to develop (for the do-it-yourself types) with/without utilities hook up (PHP and MySQL). All the way to having your own building (the Content Management System ex: WordPress) with all the furnishings/equipment (Add-ons/Plugins). Unless you are really doing something that no one has ever done before (or just want to do it the hard way), WebTerritory recommends a host that offers WordPress hosting.

Ready to dive in? Visit our Hosting Provider or contact us. Want to know more about hosting packages? Go to our about web hosting page.


Content Management System?

Presentation Content Management Systems (CMS) would be like the shelves and stuff in your building/property needed to run your business. Different businesses need different things to operate, if you are a service type business you would not need a lot of shelves as a retailer would. Also, a jeweler would not have open shelves as a convenience store would. The same goes for a website, you want the right configuration for what your website is going to be doing. This is where WebTerritory really helps you navigate setting up and maintaining your website.

There are a few choices for CMS, however, WordPress is the most popular and is the most flexible for setting up and running just about any website possible. Want us to set up your WordPress?

Keeping It All Going

Once everything is built and running, you have a business to run. However, just like the brick-and-mortar counterpart, things need to be maintained. Also still using the physical world analogy WebTerritory also provides property management (website services) by performing maintenance (doing updates), security (firewall and SSL), and the handyman stuff (install plugins/add-ons).

Sounds good, where do I start?

First Step Please join our network, it’s free with no obligations!

  1. Need a Domain?
  2. Get Hosted
  3. Set up and Configuration
    • Want us to set up your WordPress site?
  4. Continued Support


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