Out of the Hosting Game

WebTerritory no longer provides direct long term hosting, instead, WebTerritory will recommend web hosting from a third-party host that best suits your hosting needs. Why? Simple economics, the bigger companies that have greater resources at their disposal can do it better and cheaper. So now what? WebTerritory does still offer Web Management services, such as … Read more

Social Networks; Is your online presence a house of cards?

How Do You Do Your Online Presence? In the beginning most businesses just setup a social account on a network just for contact/web presence purposes (if at all), very much how things went when the world wide web first started out. Now the trend is that social networks are becoming the mainstream and more and … Read more

A New Start

This is our new start as a dot COM site – WebTerritory.COM! WebTerritory has been operating as WebTerritory.net for many years and now WebTerritory has the complete set; .com, .net, .org and even some others like the .ca top-level domains. This site (.com) is going to be the gateway (on-ramp) site to WebTerritory.net (the WebTerritory Network) … Read more