Web Hosting

WebTerritory provides various types of web hosting and packages to suit anyone’s needs.

Showcase ♣ Image of Vegetable Stand

  • Think of this like having a table/booth at a market or kiosk at a mall.
  • Perfect for start-ups and simple sites that don’t need much resources.

Website ♥ Little Shop

  • Think of this like having your own little shop.
  • Your own web space that can be setup almost any way you want.

Website Pro ♠ Large Shop

  • Think of this like having your own department store downtown.
  • Great for large websites with consistent traffic.

Virtual Server ♦

  • Think of this like having your own strip mall.
  • Great for very large (or multiple) websites with consistent traffic.


Do you need something even bigger or very customized?

Dedicated Server ★ Office Building


  • Think of this as having your own multilevel building all to yourself.
  • Huge, very busy websites and/or custom application (something beyond just a website) would need this.