Web Hosting

There are various types/levels of web site hosting and using the physical world analogies hopefully this will allow you to understand what type of hosting you are looking for.

Image of Vegetable Stand Web/Blog Account


  • Multiple websites in one hosted account sharing everything.
  • Think of this as having a table/booth at a small market or store.
  • Perfect for start-ups and simple sites that don’t need much resources.
Little Shop Website (shared hosting)


  • Multiple hosted accounts in one server with their own resources separate from others.
  • Think of this as having your own little shop or store in a mall.
  • Your own webspace that can be set up almost any way you want.
Large Shop Website Pro (shared hosting)


  • Still shared with multiple hosted accounts, however fewer accounts giving better performance/resources.
  • Think of this as having your own department store in a mall with better facilities.
  • Great for large (or a couple of) websites with consistent traffic.
Virtual Server (or reseller)


  • Your own server space that can handle multiple hosted accounts and websites.
  • Think of this as having your own strip mall downtown.
  • Great for very large (or multiple) websites with consistent traffic.
Office Building Dedicated Server (or reseller)


  • Server hardware all to yourself!
  • Think of this as having your own multilevel office building or mall all to yourself.
  • Huge, very busy websites and/or custom applications (something beyond just a website) would need this.

Once you decided what type of hosting you need/want,
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