Social Networks; Is your online presence a house of cards?

Image house of cards standing.

How Do You Do Your Online Presence?

In the beginning most businesses just setup a social account on a network just for contact/web presence purposes (if at all), very much how things went when the world wide web first started out. Now the trend is that social networks are becoming the mainstream and more and more things are being done using it. If this trend continues, is it possible that the social networks may replace the traditional world wide web?

The Problem With Social Networks

There are problems with social networks becoming your only online presence, any social network can change its publishing, privacy, data gathering or any other policy at any time. Have you taken a look at the TOS (Terms Of Service) of the social network you use lately? Even though they may say you are responsible for and control your own content, however most likely they have some sort of legal junk allowing them to use and exploit your content too. A social network can also cease to exist. No matter how carefully you have built your social spot or profile it will never be truly yours and can be gone the next day.

Image of house of cards falling.Having Own Website Still Best Option

The best way to setup your internet presence is to use your social network site(s) as the facade of your online presence and have the bulk of your web presence at your own website. For example have your blog/content at your website and on the social network(s) only post excerpts with a link to the article at your site. This way you retain control of your content and your business.

Another advantage of your own website is having your own domain (web and email address) immediately make your business appear professional and established. Social networks are all about promoting their site using your content, that is why it is rare (if at all) that you can have your own domain at their site.

In short use the social networks as an on-ramp to your website and not as your website.