Virtual Server

Multi-SitePlan on having more than one large website or many small to medium websites or maybe you want to host other sites (be a host/reseller yourself)? Then you’ll be looking for a virtual server!

This is great for web designers (to house their client’s webs), corporations with different websites for their departments or businesses that supply affiliate websites.

ArchitectIt comes with virtual server software (ex: WHM) for you or WebTerritory to manage all the sites within.

Each site within comes with its own management software (ex: cPanel) so you, WebTerritory or your clients can manage the individual sites within.

Just like all the other hosting plans you can have WebTerritory do WordPress installs, add SSL, even setup user mailboxes for you.

Most virtual server packages are scalable (check with your hosting provider before committing to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) plan). This means if you need more or less storage space, memory and/or processing power those changes can be made.

Business MeetingA setup like this requires planning. If you are already a WebTerritory client just simply contact us to get started. If not join the WebTerritory Network and choose the free member-only option.

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