Web/Blog Account


Some websites/hosts offer you setting up a webpage or mini-site within their larger site.

If you are just going to be running a blog or personal site, this might be the way to go. Typically very low cost if not free (ex: WordPress.com).

Making It

Don’t expect too much though, you know the saying; you get what you pay for. Also ‘Free’ is never really free, ads may be inserted into your site to recoup their costs.

If you are running any type of business, then this is not likely the arrangement for you or your site. However, if you just want to get your feet wet, then plan on setting up a real hosting site later on then go for it. Just expect to start over when you do need to upgrade (you may not be allowed to migrate your content out).

You can spot these kinds of setups simply because you will be able to be set up instantly. Just a username/email address and password and it’s ready to go.

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