Domain Names

Domains a.k.a. web addresses are a necessity for all websites on the internet.

At WebTerritory you have a choice of using one of ours (ex: or one of your own (ex: if using a showcase. With all other hosting levels you will need at least one domain (web address) of your own. If you already have a domain – skip to the bottom.

Road SignWe have a NEW domain shopping experience for our members with …

  • Free name tool to help find that perfect domain name
  • Selection from a large inventory of premium names
  • Free easy-to-use domain manager (if you want to do it yourself)
  • Free easy to use DNS available (if you want to do it yourself)
  • We handle everything for you (when you DON’T want to do it yourself)

Want a domain?

Go to to get a new domain.
(domain shopping provided by our registrar)

 - OR –

Browse some of the available domains we already have.

Looking for one of those new TLD?

Fancy Street SignA TLD (Top Level Domain) would be a .com or .org for example, the new TLDs could almost be anything like .store or .online or .website and many many more.

The Domain store does not list every TLD available for your domain. If the TLD is not available in the domain store please contact us with your requested new domain and the TLD you want, if available we can register it for you. Registration of any domain requires payment upfront, if your domain with the requested TLD is available we will contact you with the price and register it once payment has been received.

Already have a domain you want to use?

If so, you have two options…

  1. Transferring to the WebTerritory Registrar
    New Home

    • You retain ownership of your domain, just changing who handles your domain records.
    • Being your domain registrar we can handle all the technical stuff to make your domain work with your website, email or whatever other services your domain needs to work with.
    • Re: ICANN’s new transfer policy  ? 
    • Please contact us with your requested domain to transfer and what registrar you use. We will contact you with options to start and complete the process. Optionally you can have us do it for you (we would need your domain account access info).
  2. Keep it at your existing Registrar
    Update Home

    • You would either update the DNS record of your domain yourself and/or you can update the technical record of your domain so we can update the DNS record to work with our services.
    • Please contact us with your domain, what registrar you use and if you want our technical contact info and/or the DNS records. We will contact you with the requested info so you can complete the process.
    • Optionally you can have us do it for you (we would need your domain account access info). Because of ICANN’s new transfer policy, (unless the original email on both ends are compromised) this will make it so domain owner records can’t be changed without authorization.

ICANN’s new transfer policy

(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

There is a new policy that modifies the process of changing domain ownership from one registrant to another. The implementation of the policy will be imposed on all registrars and fully implemented by December 2016.

Every time a change of registrant takes place, the policy is called upon and a series of confirmation and approval emails are triggered. What’s important to note is that simple updates to a registrant’s first name, last name, organization and email address on a particular domain also triggers the same slew of notification and confirmation emails.

So even if you choose to have us do all the transfer work, you will still have to answer the confirmation emails from your old registrar and our registrar.