CMS Installation

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a Content Management System. This is software that is installed in your webspace to make working with your website really easy. If you can work a word processor, you can build and work a website using a CMS.

So What do I get?

WordPress LogoWebTerritory’s CMS of choice is WordPress!

WebTerritory installs the latest version of WordPress and configures it to your needs. You can also configure and add your own plugins and themes (if you want to). It also can include ongoing support, updates and security. If you are ready for a WordPress hosted site, join our network and select one of the WordPress install packages (WP install packages are $100 USD and ongoing support for as little as $5 USD/month).

Is there a way to test drive before I shell out $100+?

Test DriveYes,

This site will have its own version of WordPress pre-installed (won’t be exactly like the one you get from You likely can’t install your own plugins and themes. And unlikely you will be able to migrate your content out once you are ready for your own hosted website (see Web Hosting > Shared Website).